What To Ask Your Bodyguard Providers

What To Ask Your Bodyguard Providers

Are you interested in hiring the services of a bodyguard but unsure of which company to choose from within the London area? We understand why you feel like this, after all you can never be too careful with your own personal safety.

There are certainly some questions of what to ask your bodyguard providers, these include the following -

• What qualifications/certifications have you achieved? This is extremely important. You need to know that the company you use have undergone all of the training required to be operating a bodyguard service.

• Are your bodyguards CRB checked? With your bodyguard you’ll spend a certain amount of time together alone. You need to be confident that you can put your safety and trust in the hands of the bodyguard company you choose and a CRB check will help to ease your mind.

• How many years experience does your company have providing bodyguard services? Experience mean knowledge and greater knowledge means a better and safer service for you. We’ve been providing our bodyguard services for 20+ years!

• Do you have any extra skills which will help ensure my safety? Any other skills the bodyguards possess will add greater assurances to your safety. For example, our team have undergone advanced driver training.

For more information about how we satisfy the above questions, please call us on 0793 92 62 370. We look forward to hearing from you.

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