closeP Welcome to People Security ServicesAt People Security Services (PSS), we pride ourselves on getting to know each of our customers and their security needs. Our approach involves a personal assessment of every client’s situation. Start with contacting us using the form on this page today. You’ll hear back from us right away. Or call us at 0793 92 62 370. You’ll immediately see that we custom tailor our body guard services for your unique situation. You have a unique situation, and we know how to create a solution that solves your safety or security issues effectively.

How We Plan to Impress You

Our goal is to impress you with the quality and effectiveness of our body guard services. You don’t hire a bodyguard unless there’s good reason to do so, and we take your personal security very seriously. PSS has established a substantial portfolio of customers, many of which are long standing. You wouldn’t recommend us to your friends and family if you weren’t totally impressed with our services, and we wouldn’t expect you to do so.

That’s why our goal is for you to be impressed enough with our services that you feel compelled to tell your friends and family. Our business depends on that type of word of mouth advertising. There’s a reason our clients keep coming back to us over and over again. We don’t just keep you safe, we make sure you feel safe. This means that attention to detail is a crucial part of what we do, and we focus on communicating clearly with you.

The level of personal attention you get isn’t just something we talk about. You notice it from the first time you contact our office. You can call us or send us an email to see for yourself.

Our Custom Bodyguard and Close Protection Services

driver Welcome to People Security ServicesNot every provider in our industry has the resources to pay attention to every detail of your situation like we do. We don’t hire cut rate or inexperienced bodyguards just to keep our costs lower.

We are able to provide a large variety of internal and external security options for you. You choose the level of bodyguard protection or private security you require. We have operatives that come from the armed forces. We also have operatives that come from police and civilian backgrounds. We chose our bodyguards not just for their training and credentials, but we also hire them for their intelligence, skills, experience and abilities in the field. We require that our operative can blend in with their surroundings to offer covert, discreet security or overt, depending on your requirements.

You may require only light, covert security for your situation. Or perhaps you need highly visible, overt protection. Every situation requires a custom assessment, and we work with you to ensure you get the exact type of security you need.

PSS Provides body guard protection and personal security against:

  • Violence
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Any situation that could be detrimental to your health and safety

Our Bodyguard Training and Experience

SIA ACS Logo 150x150 Welcome to People Security ServicesPSS operatives are very experienced. We have you covered for VIP security, executive protection and other types of close protection, maintaining a professional approach and being conscious of our clients’ public profiles at all times.

PSS operatives work hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth-running of daily life or public events. We don’t just provide a superficial appearance of security at your event or in your day-to-day life. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. This is the attention to detail that not every bodyguard service provides. Preparations and everyday duties may include:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Planning assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Driving you to or from a venue, ensuring you reach your destination with total confidence and safety
  • Making every effort to avoid or minimize any incident or threat PSS ensure you have consistency of care, as the close protection team we assign will remain the same throughout the task.

Our Unique Qualifications as a Body Guard Services Provider

All our Close Protection Personnel have completed Advanced Specialist Driver Technique training as well as being Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked and registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Contact Us

Most importantly, if you have a security concern, you’ll want to interview us before deciding what direction you want to go. If you have any queries or require any further information, please email us using the form on this page, or call for an informal discussion with one of our security consultants on 0793 92 62 370.

There is no obligation at all, and our conversation is 100% confidential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your specific situation!

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