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At VIP Bodyguard, your protection while enjoying all things London has to offer is our number one concern. While you are dancing the night away or having dinner with your family at London’s premiere posh restaurants, we are there to ensure your safety and privacy. We take great care and due diligence to provide the best of security in the face of fear and risk many everyday outings present to today’s businessman, businesswoman, high profile client, celebrity and politician. Whether we are needed for a night on the town or a day of meetings, we are there to define security by the needs of the client because we understand each client is different. We offer customized solutions that cater to the changing needs of the client. We look to the individual client as our number one concern and seek solutions geared toward that dialogue. Trust and compassion are words we live by but duty and care also serve to personalize the experience. Working one on one, closely in a circle of trust defines each custom security detail.

Our services focus upon the London citizen as a specialty. We know our city like the back of our hand. All her secrets and mystery, we can unravel to provide the best in security from every day protection detail to house sitting to event security. We work locally and closely with area service providers and businesses to strengthen networks of control both in information and physical logistics. There is not a detail we are not aware of due to our tight network of relationships. At VIP relationships and how they impact our client’s sense of privacy, security and well-being comes first. Our primary concern is to not only control the situation but to also define its activities within the client’s suggestions. By working closely with clients and providers alike allows the circle of trust to remain intact and strong.

Services run the gamut and remain defined by the client’s security needs and concerns. However, for those clients who may need assistance in pinpointing a specific need, we offer the following suggestions:

  • VIP for a Day Be a VIP every day at VIP. Offers world class, one on one protection of the client during their daily schedule with a private care and chauffeur service. Bodyguard and security detail included per client specifications.
  • Customized bodyguard detail An extension of VIP for a Day but enhanced to create a working relationship one on one to meet client needs on a regular basis. It is our goal to match each client with the best highly trained security professional that specializes in the individual needs of each client. For instance: Nanny Bodyguard is one of our more popular options.
  • Night on the Town Security control of group situations. Entry and exit strategies to posh locations with discretion. Crowd control and finesse of paparazzi. Seamless awareness of surroundings and control of risk situations. This package includes chauffer service.
  • Corporate and private function At the client’s discretion, we understand the need for work/life balance and there is no reason why security and protection should segmented in this respect. Carry on with your day, we will provide a seamless service from office to night club, school to home and back again.
  • Private house sitting Surveillance and occupation of the primary residence by a security team, one member of which who stays on the premises full time. This includes the VIP Home package, online and touch pad controls of the system. Privacy and confidentiality remain intact. For package options include VIP pet sitting while the client is away.
  • Family Bodyguard At VIP, we also understand children are vulnerable and client’s worry about their families. VIP will work to create custom security options that take into consideration their vital family members and this includes bodyguards highly training also in child care, elder care and pet care.

To find out more about our proven track record of delivering only the very best in VIP London services, please feel free to contact us on 0793 92 62 370. If you prefer you can email us on Our team will be more than happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.

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