Executive Protection London

In today’s world of global competition and corporate espionage, never before has it been more important to protect the high-profile executive. Each business has its vision, its purpose and mission and Executive Protection seeks to define vision per the client’s individual needs and concerns. While business can be risky, a lot is riding on the next deal or the numbers adding up but Executive Protection provides highly trained professionals aware of ethical and legal boundaries. Our highly trained professionals believe in privacy, upholding the bonds of trust and awareness of any situation.

While Executive Protection puts the businessman or woman at the core of defining the security and protection need, Executive Protection also understands individual concerns may evolve to include others within their executive team or direct family members. This is why we are extremely cautious and aware to evaluate the full picture to get a complete view of the security needs within the parameters of each executive situation. Whether it is a ride to the airport or a business dinner, Executive Protection understands the need to protect all areas of the executive’s assets and interests.

With business come power and each executive commands authority. We respect the need for quiet awareness, an ability to remain invisible where needed. Because Executive Protection only hires the best of the best in the security industry, many of them retired military and ex-intelligence professionals, we respect the need for privacy and top notch surveillance. We begin a dialogue to uncover the needs of each executive client because we understand how each service must be personalized. It is the personable touch that sets our services apart from others than may seek an executive niche.

We seek to pair our executive client with the bodyguard that best fits their needs and personality because we also understand that security begins with trust and eliminating fear. Without that bond of trust, there can be no communication in volatile situations. Each of our security specialists has been trained in human behavior and counter intelligence as well as business decorum so they can early detect breaches in security. Whether the need is for one day or one year, Executive Protection seeks to cater each security strategy to the needs of the individual and their perceived risks. This is why Executive Protection strives toward a three layer of protection and class of services as outlined below.

  • Bronze Level Service Aims to fulfill the needs of the everyday high-profile business client with boutique style services. The executive can pick and choose what is needed in terms of services and each can be added on at an additional fee. This is meant for the occasional client who does not need everyday detail services but possibly for a special occasion.
  • Silver Level Service A mid-range of services focused upon customizing a long term security goal for the client with their needs factored in the strategy for a duration defined by them. Whether it is an immediate risk to business or family, the security will work to customize this service with a combination of services to be determined by the client.
  • Gold Level Service Premium service that allows our team full access to maintaining the executive’s level of security at both work and home. This may mean a combination of services and installment of equipment depending upon the client’s changing schedule and immediate people in his or her circle.
  • Platinum Level Service A step above the Gold in terms of permanent involvement with strategy and features a command center as the executive’s chosen security team. The level of customization will cater to the client’s ever-changing and evolving needs over a term contract. Term of contract begin at a 5-year minimum.

To find out more about our proven track record of delivering only the very best in VIP London services, please feel free to contact us on 0793 92 62 370. If you prefer you can email us on 1pss@rock.com. Our team will be more than happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.

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