Personal Close Protection London

Personal Close Protection London

People Security Service is a leading Security Consultancy service that offers highly skilled and experienced close protection security services in London. Our clientele includes some popular business tycoons, Royals, senior corporate officials, VIPs, Celebrities and their families, popular sports personalities and many more who have an element of concern regarding their personal safety and security. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with a strong security presence, reassurance of safety, peace of mind, and minimise all kinds of risks that surround their lives.

You have very little to worry about when Elite military officials, Ex-policemen, intelligence detective agents, international operating experts, Ex-Government personnel, Ex-undercover agents, and SIA instructors are going to be alongside you to protect you from all kinds of potential threats and dangers. Your personal safety is our priority!

What’s more, our Personal Close Protection London includes well-trained, SIA-certified security personnel who have gone through complex training in a multitude of boroughs in London, Europe, France, South Africa, and Australia. Whether your threat comes from a known or an unknown source, we have the experience and talent to handle it. No matter if it’s for a red carpet event, a residential security check, or a corporate Close protection service – we can provide you with the best security service in the country!

Want to discuss your security needs and requirements with us? Just write to us using the business inquiry form or contact us over the phone.

People Security Services Putting You First. If you have any queries or require any further information, please E-mail or call for an informal discussion with one of our security consultants on 0793 92 62 370

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