People Security Services is the name to trust in international close protection. International close protection is essential for so many people in so many situations. The distractions which abound can make you vulnerable, but the danger is averted with the close protection of a bodyguard. You never have to be concerned about your safety. The world is a dangerous place but the risk is minimized when you place your safety in the hands of a qualified PSS bodyguard. The danger may be something you are aware of, or it may be completely unforeseen. A PSS bodyguard knows what to watch for, who to look for, and where. PSS professional bodyguards are trained in the art of protection. PSS offers international close protection for every kind of need. International close protection is for family protection, child protection, security for those traveling alone, or as a group, and residential security. We also offer concierge security chauffeur services, valuable asset transport protection, maritime security, and are experts in dealing with hostile environments.

Responsibility for your family’s safety is paramount. International close protection is an impregnable force. Every client can be assured that with international close protection their security is our sole aim. A skilled bodyguard surpasses any other measures one could consider for protection. A PSS bodyguard has one primary focus, your security, when your attention must be on a million other things. The protection of a child deserves this close protection security. A PSS bodyguard considers child protection seriously. In the event a child must travel alone, bodyguard security is an ideal fit. Wherever your child travels, they will be safe with a PSS bodyguard.

Traveling alone or with friends or colleagues, international close protection is an excellent choice. One caveat of traveling alone is that the fear you reveal can increase your vulnerability. In this situation a bodyguard does double duty, because not only are they truly a stronghold of defense, but that presence allows the client to walk with confidence. This may be one of the reasons traveling in a group has added security, but groups traveling together often have their own potential threats. It may be that the reason for the group being together is it’s own threat, or that the collection of people present together creates a singular opportunity for criminal intent. Social or economic prominence in society can give rise to particular dangers. Business agendas can also be in need of securing. International close protection can allow for these gatherings in transit with ease and confidence. PSS bodyguards are discreet and trained to deal with these situations. Whether at work or play, traveling alone, or in company, international close protection is designed to minimize risk so that you don’t have to worry about your safety.

People Security Services will deploy capable security to guard your home. Within the realm of international close protection PSS has a special RST task force. Unoccupied buildings are very susceptible to criminal intent. Robbery and vandalism are common crimes, but the value of the property or it’s contents does not limit the endangerment of your property as well as those around it when it is left unoccupied. Especially if the building you intend to leave for a period of time is your personal residence, you will want it to have security which is a cut above. Our RST team is a group of skilled professionals. When they are assigned to your residence they can offer superior protection to other means of security.

A concierge security chauffeur is a service in international close protection which PSS is honored to submit. A concierge security chauffeur escorts the client to and from a wide range of destinations with tact and finesse. When the journey is to the doctor, a concierge chauffeur can be a safe haven in transit. PSS security chauffeur are trained for such occasions, and you can expect quality and comfort. Concierge security can also chauffeur to more public and exciting events. Many such occasions are really made much more safe by having your own personal security personnel. You can expect a PSS concierge security chauffeur is clean, considerate and capable for any eventuality. Concierge security is the absolute finest way to travel.

International close protection of assets is an important aspect of the security we offer. When your valuable assets need armament in transit you can rely on PSS. Many different companies offer some kind of insurance or security when transporting your assets, but they cannot equal the attention and skill focused on your property when under the protection of a PSS bodyguard. Transportation of valuables does provide opportunity for crime. Criminal intent is very often thwarted as soon as a bodyguard is noticed. Your property is handled carefully and skillfully. You can depend on a PSS bodyguard to carry and deliver your assets safely. Your assets deserve international close protection.

Maritime security is an important branch of PSS. International close protection of ports, vessels, and facilities adds a considerable degree of security. Incidents near the water can be particularly dangerous. Those in the PSS close protection services acknowledge the very real threats which are particular to maritime security. The singular purpose of those tasked to maritime security is to reduce that threat. The security of our client, personnel, and property are each subject to concern, and would be given close protection with a PSS bodyguard.

If you are required to enter, or dwell within a hostile environment the close protection of PSS security should be your top concern. There are hostile environments everywhere. Terrorism is a serious danger, and its effects can be so explosive that the victim is not necessarily chosen discriminately. No matter who you are, or what your business is, if you will be entering a hostile environment you need the close protection of a skilled PSS bodyguard. There are a number of professions which engage people to enter hostile environments, and at times it can be that business, or perhaps notoriety which can increase the danger. Do not consider the trip without international close protection of a trained professional bodyguard.

People Security Services international close protection services are willing and able to be your arm of defense in any given situation. The dangers are real, and the need is great.